Division Secondary Mathematics Teachers In-Service Training

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Accomplishement Report in Mathematics as of July 2015

  • Initiated the following activities:

–       Adopt A Teacher wherein MTs/key teachers will assist/guide other Math teachers who experienced difficulties in teaching Math lessons     

–       Tracking of pupils’/students’ progress in Mathematics where MTs/SH/PSDS/EPS will monitor the performance of pupils and students by grading period, what                                                        remediations/interventions were given by the teacher and the technical assistance  given by the monitoring personnel      

–       Saturday Math Program for Regular Pupils/Students. 

–       Conducted conference to District  and Secondary Mathematics coordinators held at Batangas City South ES on July 14, 2015.

–       Intensive monitoring and observation of classes  ;                                               

  • Observed two (2) teachers at Tibig ES and gave technical assistance based on the observations done.
  • Monitored Dao ES and observed  (1) Grade I class, one (1) Grade III class, and one (1) Grade VI class. It was good to note that all teachers in the said school were provided with LED TV used in the teaching-learning process.
  • Observed one (1) Grade VI class and one Grade II class at Balagtas ES.   Conducted post conference after the observation and gave technical assistance to the teachers based on the observation.
  • Observed Math teachers at Batangas NHS and gave technical assistance to teachers.


Accomplishement Report in Mathematics as of June 2015

  • Conducted monitoring of opening of classes of all schools in District IV.
  • Conducted Focus Group Discussion to all school heads of district IV regarding instructional supervision.
  • Observed six(6) teachers at Sta Clara ES, six (6) teachers at Malitam  ES, four (4) teachers at Wawa ES, and six (6) teachers at Ambulong ES.
  • Conducted post conference to teachers after every observation on what were observed, gave suggestions based on the findings and made an agreement for the matters to be improved/sustained/enriched and enhanced.
  • Involved the PSDS and SH in the process observation.
  • Conferred with the SH the findings and technical assistance given to the teachers observed.
  • Monitored schools in Verde Island District and observed one (1) Grade 10 class at San Agapito NHS and gave technical assistance to the teacher observed.


As of June 2015

1. Conducted Planning Conference of Secondary SHs, Elementary SHs who are the District Science Coordinators, SGOD Specialist   and the EPS-Science in Teacher’s                 Conference Center (TCC) on June 22, 2015 at P. Herrera St., Batangas City. 

2. Conducted a meeting of SCAAB Officers Elementary and Secondary Levels relative to the conduct of 2015 ASEP FREE TRAINING-WORKSHOPS in SCIENCE to finalize the     Program and Committees and to determine the expected number of participants in different events from elementary and secondary public and private schools. The participants   to this meeting are CID Chief, SGOD Representative, EPS-Science, and Elementary & Secondary Science Club Advisers Association of Batangas City, in Batangas National High School on June 30, 2015.

3. Attended the Re-Orientation Training and Initialized the implementation of the project entitled “Sustained Nationwide Dengue Vector Surveillance (NDVS) thru Ovilarvicidal         (OL) Trapping of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in partnership with DOH and DILG in Batangas National High School and Tulo Elementary School.

4.  Monitored and supervised almost 99% of the Elementary and Secondary Schools in Sta. Rita District (District Eight) with the PSDS.

5.  Provided technical assistance through post-conference to Science Teachers both in elementary and secondary during the monitoring and observation of classes.

6.  Conducted Focus Group Discussion (FGD) among Science Teachers in almost all schools visited, monitored and observed.



1. ALS Graduation at Batanags Convention Center, July 3, 2015

2. Conducted Refresher Training on Instructional Supervision to all EPS, PSDS, Elementary and Secondary School Heads and ALS Specialists, June     19, 2015.

3. Monitored and supervised almost 99% of the Elementary and Secondary Schools in each District by the PSDS and assigned Parent Supervisor.

4. Provided technical assistance through post-conference given by EP’s, PSDS’s and CID Chief during monitoring.